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Monitoring my boiler

A few weeks ago, my house’s boiler started breaking down. I won’t go in any technical details (because I don’t know them myself), but basically it goes into “security” mode, and you have to clear the error manually. As it is winter in this part of the world, it was a bit annoying, but it was happening only once or twice a week, so we just checked in the morning and in the evening and reset it if necessary. Read more...

Benchmarking ZFS cache and log devices

Benchmarking ZFS
Pursing updates I am making to my personal infrastructure, I wanted to deploy a Kubernetes cluster. This was supposed to be the new way I would deploy services to my infrastructure, and as such resources would be transfered to this cluster as I was moving services to it. Unfortunately, as I started moving a couple services to it, it exploded in my hands because the disks were not following with the etcd instances, ending up with the etcd leader giving up and the cluster not being able to elect a new leader as all of the members were lagging behind. Read more...

EPITA projects: series introduction

This is the first of a long list! In this series, I’ll be writing about the projects I did during my curriculum at EPITA. The posts will briefly describe the projects, and go on about what they taught me, IT-related or otherwise, and for some of them, what anyone can learn by doing such project. This is quite a first for me, I don’t expect much of it, but I hope it can bring me so hindsight about how a project, however small, can teach me. Read more...

IPv6, configure yourself

Note to the reader This post was written for a school projet, and thus in a hurry. It cleary needs some editing and reviewing as it probably contains inaccurate information. You shouldn’t use this as a reference. You’ve been warned. As I continue my journey on learning IPv6, I’ll probably come back here and correct and complete it. Here is a deep dive into how a device configures its IPv6 addresses (Link Local and Global Unicat addresses specifically) when you plug it into a network. Read more...

Postmortem of databases failure on 2019-03-01

postgresql mysql
Note to the reader This article was written a long ago and thus: it isn’t up-to-date with my current policy for upgrades and migrations, it isn’t a good postmortem, you probably shouldn’t be reading this. I decided to publish it anyway because I think it can help newcomers to the world of self-hosting to see that everyone makes mistakes. Sometime around 2019-03-01 02:22:11 UTC Mattermost stopped working because it couldn’t communicate with its database (PostgreSQL). Read more...

EPITA projects: CatCatch

This project was my first long project, at EPITA or otherwise, IT-related or otherwise. It was about making a game, how exciting! About the project The project happens during the second semester of the first year at EPITA. The subject is very free, with only a few constraints: it has to be in C# or OCaml. We were allowed to use a game engine, Unity3D. It lasts about 5 months, with a few intermediary steps: Read more...
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